Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jimmy Needs Prozac Adjustment

Once again, after about a month with the increased Prozac (I'm assuming because Prozac can cause aggression), Jimmy is once again attacking his sisters. Never sure of the cause but something happens in his head and he gets angry and attacks. This isn't just swiping and hissing but a full on attack. Fur flies, cats cry, and when two are fighting, they all get involved. And it happens in a flash. So, I will dial down the Prozac-this time to .18-and see if he improves. Problem is, with the lower dose, he then begins to have accidents which we've seen since about September (the last one being 11/26 when he went against a window.) Maybe I'll try a week of a low dose and a week of a high dose and alternate. I could tell a change was coming, though. He has always had these maniac/depressive mood swings when on Prozac. He would spend a couple weeks very happy and then begin to slow down and not be active or involved, and would seem lethargic and disinterested in his environment. So, I would adjust the Prozac. Since September, the depressive mood swing has led to attacks against his sisters (because those are the cats he's near) and going out of the box.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Echos Necessary Before All Surgeries to Detect Heart Health and Avoid Problems

When writing up a medical history list of Bette for the cardio visit, I came across her 2013 dental surgery record. It was written for her and Cooper's dental surgery record which they both had had the same day. I realized in reviewing it that I had not taken either Cooper or Bette to the cardio for a scan prior to surgery. I believe it was because at the time Myrna was so sick, and we were spending so much on her care, and now were faced with $1000 for two dental surgeries, that spending another $600 for cardio echos was going to be out of reach. And yet I wished that I had spent that money.
Cooper had had an echo summer of 2012 and was fine. He had dental surgery a year later in 2013 and afterwards, began to slowly exhibit symptoms of being ill but symptoms I attributed to his reoccurring hypercalcemia (high calcium rate) which we had battled the year before and which had not returned. Blood tests didn't show anything other than a minor increase in calcium. Months later, March of 2014, after another dental surgery, he did not bounce back and we took him to the vet two days later, only to discover he had CHF. We rushed him off to the cardio. He would be on heart meds March-July and die of CHF in July.
If I had taken him to the cardio in June 2013, we may have caught early signs of heart disease. And certainly, he had heart disease by March 2014 which an echo would have caught and we could have avoided dental surgery and the onset of that first CHF-even if the outcome would have been the same in the end.
From now on, every cat gets an echo before surgery.

Bette Davis Visits Cardiologist for a Checkup

Bette Davis yesterday, finally had a cardio check-up with the famous Dr. D that was Myrna's vet cardio. She was the last one Dr. D had not yet met. Bette passed with flying colors: no issues, and she was well behaved.
Going to the vet cardio's office brings back mixed feelings. First, apprehension over what will be found-the same feeling I had when I took Myrna. Then, memories of being there so many times over the six years with Myrna when she was seeing the cardio, coupled with that feeling of "I should be back in three months which was the routine with Myrna but that routine no longer exists." Then sadness because that building houses the ER where she died.
Assuming no one gets sick, I won't return to the cardio's for a few months. Late next summer, Katharine and Roxy will return for annual check-ups: Katharine has a heart murmur and Roxy has an anomaly that needs monitoring.
Despite the mixed memories and feelings, it is always great to see the staff and chat with Dr. D about her life and family; and talk to Julie, the much respected, talented vet tech who worked with Myrna and me for so many years. She recently and unexpectedly lost a pet dog to cancer. She brought him in for a scan; cancer was discovered in the stomach; and she put him down that day. But there was also joy-her son is now two and she showed me photos and a video.

Jimmy Stewart Update Urine and Frucotsamine

Jimmy update: doing well this week on .19 Prozac (up from .17.) The Solequin calming treats may have helped so we'll get more. Urine is free of bacteria, glucose, and crystals which is good. Fructosamine test for blood sugar was in the normal range at 208-although it could be lower. Kidney values-normal but ticking up. Need to keep an eye on him; hydrate more (albumin shows dehydration); and maybe some light kidney support vitamins if I can sneak them into his food.