Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jimmy Stewart Gets Large Pink Bumps on Front Paws Possible Allergy


Jimmy Stewart woke up this morning and had large pink bumps on both front legs.  His face around his mouth and his ears were also slightly pink. He wasn't acting himself. So, off to the vet we went.
The vet said it is an allergy-either food, contact allergy, or ringworm.  They did blood work, tested for ringworm, and sent him home to take antihistamine (half of one 10mg Claritan, once a day.) 

Jimmy's blood work was fine but he's low on potassium for some reason. We are not sure why he would be low on potassium: disease, dehydration, inability to absorb nutrients (which is what Katharine's problem has been.)  Vet thinks it could be the Methigel acidified we give for his bladder. It was to help keep the pH level balanced. We are to take him off of it and retest in a month. We weren't suppose to give a potassium supplement but he seemed too run down. So, we are using Renal K powder, one full scoop, once a day, mixed into his food for a week. 

Meanwhile he's perked up on antihistamine but the vet is concerned because he shouldn't have and thinks that could indicate other more serious issues that produce histamine such as tumors. Again we will wait and see how the skin lesions respond before having a biopsy.


Jimmy continues to respond well to the antihistamine. The lesions are pale pink and the pink around his mouth and ears has disappeared. He's perked up so the antihistamine and potassium may be improving his condition. 
Jimmy Stewart

Vetri Science Feline Immuntherapy to Katharine and Baby for Black Spots

We are using these two products with Baby and Katharine to help their immune system fight off the virus causing black lesions on their ears (earlier posts.) We have been giving the liquid for three weeks and see good improvement in Katharine but little so far in Baby. But Baby's ears are covered in more black marks so more time is needed. We ordered from 1-800 Pets for $20 a bottle including shipping cost. Base price $14.49.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Information On Skin Cancer and Black Spots on Cats

Article about squamous cell carcinoma in cats due to sun exposure. And discusses Bowen's disease which is related.   These often show up as black spots and or tumors, either small, wart size or enlarged tumors around the body or head and ears.

Papillomavirus More Black Spots on Cats Ears

Back in November, I posted a photo of Baby's black ear spots which tests showed to be due from the Papillomavirus. We need to get rid of them because the black spots can become cancerous. The imiquimod cream we are using doesn't seem to be helping and more spots have appeared on her head, ears, and belly. She'll need to be retested soon. And somehow, Katharine now has spots on her head and ear. She will also need to be tested. I tried the cream on her spots but she had a negative reaction. She may have ingested it despite wearing the collar to prevent her from getting to her ear and despite me cleaning it off of the ear after I removed the collar. She became worn out about an hour after I removed the collar and wouldn't eat for a few hours until I gave her sugar water and tuna juice by mouth. Then I gave her Cyproheptadine to spur her appetite. She recovered. Baby hasn't had these same reactions so I was surprised. I read a study from 2007 that Photodynamic laser therapy is better to remove these spots than cryo therapy or freezing off the spots. Most vets seem to amputate the ear instead of doing photo or cryo therapy but then what do you do about the other spots? I'll need to do more research. The cats will go to the vet later in April or first of May. I will try the cream again on Katharine and try different amounts. She may be able to get around the soft collar and need a hard collar. And I will make sure to use soap and not just a wipe when I clean the cream off of her ear. Here are latest photos.

Baby's belly spots

Baby's ear-small spot near finger, larger black spot at base of ear, looks like normal dark hair but it's not

Katharine's ear spot and a small one near finger

Katharine's black round spot near base of right ear in the pink/white part