Monday, June 9, 2014

Cooper Doing Well on Torsemide

The cardio vet office was closed all last week because the entire office-two cardios and three techs, went to a conference. I was full of trepidation, fearing something would happen with my two cardio patients but we survived the week. Cooper's doing well on torsemide.   Breathing steadily at 8. 

Myrna's needed extra lasix almost every day this week, due I believe to the noise from the a/c and fans. 

She has also begun to have accidents out of the box, so far on the pads near boxes. It could be due to the extra lasix and the extra need to go. Urgency can make them uncomfortable. Usually it requires an adjustment with potassium (she may be too alkali) or a Valium adjustment, and may need Methigel, an acidifier. For the days I do this, she uses the box. When I skip one of these adjustments, she goes out of the box. She sees the cardio Thursday and at that time we'll do a urine test. I doubt she has a UTI because the classical symptoms are not there: going very frequently and very small amounts. But I will keep an eye on her and if I suspect she has a UTI, she'll go to the vet.